Fensport Celica

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Fensport Celica

Příspěvekod Mates » 31 led 2010, 20:59


- 4WD
- 3sgte motor (2.1l)
- cca 700bhp

- 1/4 míle 10.27
- Tsukuba 1:04 (poprvé s nìjakými mechanickými problémy)

http://www.fensport.co.uk/FensportCars/ ... GT4_X.aspx
Honda Civic Type-R Gr.N
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Příspěvekod jagy » 01 úno 2010, 00:10

Dik za info.. nikdy jsem o tom aute nenasel vic. Jezdi v UK Time Attack a na Tsukube tam bylo prave par tech lepsi z UK tusim.
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Příspěvekod Mates » 01 úno 2010, 10:16

ještì jedna fotka motoru... :)

a spec list:

The floorpan of the car has been slightly altered to accept propshaft centre mount and an exhaust tunnel, the rear spare wheel well has been removed, and the fuel system installed where the back seat once was. No chassis rails have been cut, however 2 towers welded in to locate 4wd corolla rear subframe, which is modified to accept the GT4 rear differential. The rear hubs are also from the corolla 4wd.
Front Crossmember is from corolla 4wd and modified for 3sgte engine /transmission, all engine mounts are custom made.
Front radiator support panel has been replaced with T45 steel member to straighten up both intercooler and radiator to aid airflow and also increase engine bay space.
The A,B & C pillars are strengthened via extra spot welding at the facory by TRD.
The extensive roll cage is a fully tig welded wrc type multi point, links to front turrets, transmission tunnel, rear turretts and double X door bars. The under dash bar is also incorporated into the cage.
The front bumper bar is replaced with T45 steel
The rear bumper bar is lightweight alloy
2 extra rear chassis stiffening underbraces in aluminium support carbon boot floor.
All underseal and sealant removed.
Doors lightened and internal door bars removed, 8.5kgs per door saved, electric windows and glass retained.

The engine is the 3SGTE, 2.0 litre twincam 16 valve turbo, as used in both the MR2 Turbo and Celica GT4, using a TTE Group 'A' block and stroker crankshaft, capacity is increaseed to 2.1 litres. Crower steel connecting rods with custom JE Forged Pistons, ARP Bolts, metal headgasket, Lightweight alloy pulleys.
Fensport Racing ported and flowed cylinder head with racing valves and double valve springs, TTE vernier pulleys and Piper/Fensport custom camshafts.
The inlet manifold is completely custom made to suit the new celica installation and has a short runner design with internal ram pipes and a 75mm throttle body.
The fuel system is completely custom and installed where the rear seat would have been, The tank is alloy and foam filled, holley lift pump, swirl pot then aeromotive main pump, -10 braided fuel lines, 1000cc injectors and aeromotive fuel pressure regulator.
New for 2008 is Turbo Dynamics latest specification Garrett GT35/42 Ball bearing unit, mounted on a Corolla WRC manifold modified to accept a TIAL 44mm remote wastegate with screamer pipe.
The exhaust system is stainless steel, using 90mm mandrel bent pipework from turbo to single back box with a Blitz Nur Spec R custom rear silencer.
GT4 alternator modified with corolla regulator and Fensport alloy oversize pulley, TTE wrc alloy mount with carbon adjustment bracket..
Custom breather system with stainless braided pipework leading to a custom alloy tank with oil return line. Also incorporates the power steering resevoir.

A Blitz front mounted intercooler, from the supra JZA80, is used with custom made "lightweight thin wall" 0.9mm stainless steel 3" piping and Samco silicon hosing.
The ERL water injection system is controlled by motec, and keeps the intake charge cool, a Digital dash display 3 informs the driver of water flow.
The cooling system has a custom alloy radiator, electric water pump, alloy header tank, swirl pot, a trd low temp thermostat and Evans coolant.
Twin oil coolers with braided lines and thermostat.
Gearbox oil coolers
Samco Hoses

Fensport Racing Triple plate clutch with lightweight flywheel
Fensport Racing 5 speed straight cut, dog gearbox with a low ratio 4.4 straight cut final drive. Ikea sequential shifter.
Cusco MZ plate type Rear LSD
TRD rear differential front mounts, Fensport Racing uprated rear diff mount.
Propshaft retaining rings.

The Front suspension is AST 3 way adjustable coilovers with camber adjustable top mount
Superflex front wishbone bushes and anti roll bar bushes.
Whiteline anti lift and increased castor wishbone bushes.
Rear suspension uses AST 3 way adjustable coilovers
Whiteline adjustable anti-roll bar with poly bushes from a MR2 turbo is mounted behind the axle..
Whiteline adjustable droplinks.
C-one lower rear arm bushes

Front - Tarox 10 pot GT caliper with 340mm discs
Rear - Tarox 6 pot caliper with 280mm discs
Braided steel lines throughout, all lines inside.
In car adjustable brake proportioning valve.

Volks Racing TE37, 7 .5 X 17 ET35 with Toyo R888 tyres 215/45 for circuit and 225 for drag, Toyo T1-R 215/45 wets.

MoTeC M400 Pro ECU is used to control the engine as well as Boost Control, Water injection, Full throttle gearchange, Launch control, Data logging and Wide band Lambda.
Motec digital Sport Dash displays all ecu parameters as well as speedo, gear position, shift lights, warning lights, oil pressure, fuel pressure, engine oil temp, gearbox oil temp, and rear differential oil temp.
Custom wiring loom throughout.
FIA electric cut out switch

Interior - Fully trimmed with flocked dash & interior plastics,headlining and carpet, custom made door and rear panels.
Recaro Profi Race seats (6kgs), Momo quick release steering wheel
Schroth 5 point harnesses.
Spa firefighter 4kg plumbed in electric fire system, 3 engine bay and 3 interior extinguisher jets.
Battery relocated behind passenger seat.
Alloy Water Injection and washer tanks in boot.

Varis Carbon fibre bonnet, with scoop for turbo clearance
Carbon roof scoop.
GT front bumper modified for more airflow and C-one front spoiler
Seibon Carbon fibre tailgate with tinted plexiglass
GT side skirts
Varis GT Carbon rear wing
TRD M sport rear bumper corners
Honda Civic Type-R Gr.N
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Re: Fensport Celica

Příspěvekod angelmargret » 21 črc 2010, 08:40

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Re: Fensport Celica

Příspěvekod b145t3r » 09 úno 2013, 12:54

have been in their garage. and got lots pictures from there. respect for those guys. but their production disappointed me. i mean their own brand
fuck the fuel economy
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